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  • Shoulder Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain: 6 Daily Exercises to Try

    Lift your arms to grab something off a shelf and your shoulder stiffens, grinds, and cracks. No part of that feeling makes you want to move your shoulder more. But that’s exactly what has to happen to help your shoulder function better and hurt less. There are many different forms of shoulder arthritis — from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis and others. No matter which type of shoulder arthritis you have, your doctor will recommend shoulder exercises as an important part of your shoulder arthritis treatment plan.

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  • The Road to Orthopaedics

    The Road to Orthopaedics

    Even halfway across the globe, the love story with orthopaedic surgery has common themes. I've had the luck to be acquainted with Dr. Michelle, an amazing mom of young children...

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  • Nothing to Fear, Just a Dislocation Here!

    Nothing to Fear, Just a Dislocation Here!

    Obviously going through medical school, we study a lot of very tethnical things - like the Krebs Cycle. But sometimes the practical aspects of specialties other...

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  • Injury Prevention on the Slopes

    Injury Prevention on the Slopes

    Ski season is here, and it's time to think about how we can avoid injuries on the slopes. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I most often see knee injuries, but also plenty of wrist, elbow...

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  • My shoulder hurts...it’s my...biceps???

    My shoulder hurts...it’s my...biceps???

    Patients are often confused when I inform them that the biceps (long head of the biceps) is to blame for their shoulder pain. Most think of their biceps as the “Popeye” muscle...

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  • ACL Injuries in the (ahem) “Older” Athlete

    ACL Injuries in the (ahem) “Older” Athlete

    Over the last twenty years, physical fitness as a means to improve overall health has increased among the over-40 set. This is great, right? Yes, absolutely.

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  • Has the Scooterpocalypse Arrived?

    A number of major cities have seen shared e-scooters, or electrical scooters, take over their streets. It's certainly popular with the riders, but it is creating waves with a lot of critics as well.

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  • Your Orthopaedic Surgeon Will Tell You That You Should DEFINITELY Smoke Cigarettes If...

    ...you want to wait extra loooong for your fracture to heal

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  • Do All Rotator Cuff Tears Need To Be Fixed?

    The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that connect muscle to the top of your humerus at the shoulder. These tendons are important because they help give you the strength...

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  • Nutrition for the Active Adult, with Niki Strealy, RDN, LD

    As a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, I work with athletes of many levels. One area that we don’t always get to touch on when focusing on injury is nutrition and its importance.

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